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Welcome to Boston Consulting Group. We are market leaders in management consulting and we work with the largest companies in Norway, in the Nordics and around the globe. Our clients are across many industries and sectors, expanding particularly within Climate & Sustainability, AI & Digital and more.

Our consulting team consists of talented people with different backgrounds working in an international, non-hierarchical and value-driven culture. Together, we solve complex problems and challenges that require collaboration and creative thinking. This is your invitation to take a leap with BCG Norway and make a real-world impact, transforming companies, society, and yourself.

Career Opportunities

Women Mentorship Program
March 11th - April 25th 2024 | Oslo, Norway

Kick-start your professional journey in management consulting by developing your career skills alongside a supportive mentor and connecting with other talented women.

What is management consulting?

What do consultants actually do and what projects do management and strategy consulting companies work with?
Our colleagues are giving the answers to this and many more questions in our favorite Coffee Chat Series.
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What do we look for in a candidate?

Everyone has gone through the recruitment process in BCG with a lot of excitement and maybe a few questions.
We asked some of our interviewers to share their experiences and tips when preparing for an interview.

One Team, Many Paths

Life requires flexibility
We enjoy our work. Yet, it is important for all of us to have time for what we love outside it as well. Be it travel, pursue a passion, or spend time with family. We have several options that will help make that happen.

FlexTime and FlexLeave
Part-time arrangements to reduce weekly work hours or opportunities to take additional blocks of time off during the year. BCG will help you design a model that meets your individual needs and career ambitions.

BCG Pathways
Experiences to further your personal and professional development such as social impact, deepening your experience in a field, cross-office work and international exchanges and transfers.

Beyond Classical Consulting

In BCG Norway we work beyond classical consulting and we form strong collaborative teams with our digital and technical teams.

BCG Platinion
Organizations need to anticipate tomorrow’s digital landscape to maintain competitive advantage. BCG Platinion brings the tech capabilities our clients need to achieve digital excellence. 
Explore BCG Platinion

BCG X team cracks the people and technology code by combining AI, data and technology as well as industry knowledge to create custom solutions and bring about end-to-end transformation.

Explore BCG X

About BCG Norway

Office History

BCG Norway was founded in 1996. Today we are the leading premium consultancy in Norway.  

We serve leading national and international companies operating within a long list of industries such as consumer goods and retail, technology, media, and telecommunications, financial services, industrial goods, energy and utilities, climate & sustainability, people & organization, and the public sector.  Together, we shape our common future. 

Our office in Norway is located in the heart of Oslo, just a stroll away from the Royal Palace and the National Theatre, at Henrik Ibsens gate 4. 
The beautiful 6-floor building hosts our 200 colleagues and offers workspace solutions fitting every need: from focus rooms to workshop spaces and virtual collaboration aulas. Our top picks? The in-house barista coffee bar and a spectacular rooftop terrace with a view over the Oslo fjord.

Culture and Values

Collaboration is key 
In BCG we take pride in offering a highly collaborative, supportive and stimulating environment that we believe brings out the best in people. Human-centric practices such as Strengths Based Development, effective teaming and psychological safety are our core values deeply integrated in our daily work.

We 💚 diversity
Success hinges on the ability to elevate diversity, challenge established mindsets and create an inclusive environment where everyone thrives. Our DE&I team supports our own journey, we invest in research and partner up with leading organizations to learn and contribute to the global DE&I dialogue.

Sustainability starts at the core
A sustainable life has many layers. It requires us to prioritize and commit to what matters to us most. Be it private life or our environment, food waste practices and travel policies. Sustainability also means using our expertise to support clients, organizations and governments to act on the urgent climate challenges.

Meet our people

Beyond Leadership: Social Impact, DE&I and more​​​​​​​

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
More Than a Quick Fix
Over the past few years, growing pressure from society to embrace diversity has encouraged businesses to review their D&I efforts and take increased responsibility for promoting diversity in societies.

A majority of companies tackled this from an HR perspective by positioning D&I as a core topic on the human resources agenda, leading to a stronger emphasis on objectivity in evaluation and promotion processes.

In addition, the enforcement of anti-discrimination policies made D&I part of company values or commitments, which are typically published on corporate websites and the like.
These efforts, however, are to a large extent an attempt to “fix” diversity, with the end goal of improving a KPI.
Healthcare and Life Science
Norway: Life Sciences
From an economic perspective, the development of the health and life science sector can be among the solutions that facilitate the demanding transformation that the Norwegian economy is undergoing. Life sciences is an attractive industry, with a high potential for value creation, exports, and enticing, high-paying jobs. It can contribute to diversifying the Norwegian economy. 

The benefits to patients include access to innovative services and treatments that support good health, longer life expectancy, and fuller participation in the labor force.

As for the healthcare system, a well-developed life science industry can improve the quality and efficiency of health care delivery through access to new treatments, additional competencies, and more resources. 
Digital Capabilities 
Generative AI Possibilities
The large language models (LLMs) upon which ChatGPT and other text-based generative AI applications are built give these apps the power to respond to prompts with human-like text and voice, answering complex questions with seeming ease. The general public has quickly begun testing generative AI’s capabilities, and the technology is rapidly gaining acceptance, lauded for the variety and nature of the responses it provides.

This makes it a natural for customer service operations; indeed, we estimate that the technology, once implemented at scale, could increase productivity by 30% to 50%—or more.

​​​​​​​According to a 2022 BCG survey of global customer service leaders, 95% expect their customers to be served by an AI bot at some point in their customer service interactions within the next three years.
Eliminating Gender Bias 
One of our highest priorities is supporting women in the workplace, which we aim to do through career growth and representation and by celebrating the achievements of women at our firm through Women@BCG.

Research shows that women make up 36% of university graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines and only 25% of the STEM workforce. This gap of gender bias in the workplace widens at the top of the corporate world, where just 9% of STEM executive leadership positions are held by women.
At BCG, women are world experts in their fields and global leaders. And we’re nowhere near finished with our progress. We’re working to close gender gaps, eliminate gender bias in the workplace, and increase opportunities in tech for Women@BCG.
Social Impact
Norwegian Refugee Council
At BCG Norway we have continuous collaboration with the Norwegian Refugee Council. We have collaborated on numerous projects throughout the years and it is something we are strongly believe in. 

We partner with the NRC on various projects to scale up efficiency and better use of limited resources, both onsite and offsite. We identify potential challenges and also drive implementation of solutions together with our partnering teams. Our staff members join the NRC employees and refugees on site to get better understanding of the actual problems we are facing when working in the humanitarian field. 

You can see many of our projects and videos on our different social media platforms.

Building Strong Teams
At BCG we invest in our teams because we believe that impact can only be delivered through collaboration. 

What hat is teaming, really? It is a way of working that unlocks the potential of our teams to jointly deliver impact, professional growth and long-term sustainability.

It requires environment where efficiency, trust and pshycological safety are key elements of every team. We work with 5 pillars on which we build our teams - growth mindset, connection and knowing your colleagues, co-location and norms, team rhythm and team leadership roles.

We often leverage Team Coaches - a role designated to facilitate team collaboration, trust and value add throughout a case.
BCG Publications
Global Articles and Insights
Did you know that BCG has a wide library of resources and publications that you may find useful for your academic research or personal growth and development?

From the feasibility and ways to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) outlined by the United Nations in 2015 to how the European Automotive Industry may be changing in the next few years and the pressure points urging that process and how the war in Ukraine fostered EU countries to rethink the energy policies and what energy resilleince lessons are to be learned.
In our aritcle and publication library, you can find a broad strpectum of topics.
TEDTalk Library
TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful ideas. TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design convereged, and today it covers almost all topics - from science to business to global issues - in more than 100 languages.

TED and BCG jointly curate and create TED@BCG events each year. To date, we have hosted 11 events - in Singapore, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Mumbai, and virtually. 

The talks given at TED@BCG events have gathered over 170M views - tackling topics from the evolving world of work to the power of diversity and inclusion. To check out the full library, browse our Talk Collection.

Quizes, Games and More

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