Join BCG in Celebrating Visionary Women:
The V60 Awards for Sustainability Champions in the Middle East

January 19th | Dubai, UAE

Unveiling the new BCG V60 Award:

In the intricate complexity of our modern world, a carefully crafted mosaic of change emerges, shaped by the hands of exceptional women. We present to you the BCG 60 Award - where Voltage converges with Vision, and Energy assumes a vibrant feminine form, propelling progress.

The BCG V60 nominees cast their influence across the global stage, embodying the nurturing essence of mothers tending to our planet's promise. The V60 nominees manifest as fearless innovators driving breakthrough solutions, visionary architects shaping the blueprint of sustainable progress, impactful negotiators at the forefront of climate action, bold entrepreneurs spearheading green market revolutions, and authors of pioneering literature that envisions a world of sustainable possibilities.

The BCG V60 are the beacons of possibility, forging a path toward a thriving net-zero tomorrow.

The V60 Awards

We bring deep expertise together to accelerate change. The V60 Awards culminate in an gala, featuring a dinner dialogue led by an exclusive speaker.

This dialogue will focus on a pivotal question:

"How can we reach net-zero in the Middle East by 2050?"

Your participation as a selected nominee will not only contribute to this thought-provoking discussion but also position you at the forefront of sustainable transformation in the region. But that's not all— as nominee you are invited to be part of the BCG V60 exhibition, attracting upcoming talent in Dubai. As a special guest, your insights and expertise will resonate with those who are shaping the future.

Do you believe you should be part of this list as well? Apply now, your voice matters. A Join us in celebrating BCGV60, where stories and ideas empower sustainability. Inspire future women in energy, innovation, and sustainability to make a lasting impact.

Apply Now: Your voice is critical.

Apply now to join the movement of sustainable transformation with BCG V60.

There is no participation fee. BCG will cover pre-approved travel and accommodation costs.

Explore our Climate & Sustainability Jobs

BCG aims to create impact beyond pledges and statements. We work shoulder to shoulder with clients to help them to unlock their green potential. Our biggest assets in this journey is our people and the unique capabilities they bring. Whether that’s helping our clients understand emerging climate technologies or building a transformation road map.

Explore our climate change jobs and join our growing and diverse team of hard-working climate experts, data scientists, engineers, and consultants. We offer several careers to impact climate change.

​​​​​​​Join BCG and collaborate with leading organizations and governments on their climate change and sustainability strategies. Our global partnerships provide BCG’ers with unique and unparalleled opportunities for careers that embrace the challenge of reducing climate change.

Our Sustainability Journey

Climate action is one of our most urgent challenges.  As we partner with clients to help them realize their net zero ambitions, we must also continue to change the way we operate as a firm.
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Hear more from our BCGers that work in Climate & Sustainability

I have had the privilege to work on high-impact sustainability projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For me, these projects have been memorable and enriching, offering unique learning experiences as we collaborate with thought leaders around the world to develop solutions tailored to the Kingdom’s needs. Working on such high-impact projects, with the potential to transform the country and the region for the years to come, is one of the main reasons why I love to work for BCG in the Middle East.
Clara Weiss
Project Leader, BCG Dubai

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