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Welcome to BCG in Hungary & Romania
Discover the heart of BCG in Hungary & Romania. Immerse yourself in our culture, meet our exceptional people, and explore the world of management consulting.

At BCG, we're more than a company – we're a thriving community that fuels growth and champions innovation. Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we're here to unlock your potential and enrich your journey.

Join us to explore endless career opportunities, dive into our vibrant team, and engage in exciting events. Your journey with us begins now.
Office History
Since its establishment in 1997, BCG Budapest has evolved into a cornerstone of excellence. What began as a seed has blossomed into a trusted partner for Hungary's leading enterprises. Our strategic location facilitated rapid expansion into neighboring countries, amplifying our impact.

In 2014, our legacy of growth continued as we cultivated local consultant teams in Slovenia, Croatia, and Romania. This expansion exemplifies our commitment to fostering regional expertise and collaboration.

Join us in celebrating our journey from humble beginnings to a dynamic regional force. Our history paves the way for an even more remarkable future.​​​​​​​

I consider joining BCG the best professional choice I have ever made. The reason is simple: BCG offers its employees a unique combination of solving challenging tasks, working with inspiring people, and helping ambitious clients figure out solutions to their problems and achieve their goals. All this happens in an environment that provides friendly cooperation, rapid professional development, and flexibility in shaping one's own career path.

Now we are truly excited by the perspective of building a strong BCG in Hungary, Southeast Europe and Romania—to serve leading companies and institutions and to enable positive change in business and society.

If you are curious, analytical and passionate, I invite you to get to know us better.
László Juhász BCG Budapest Office Leader

​​​​​​BCG Budapest Recruiting Process 

Your Path to Joining Us
At BCG Budapest, we welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and industries. Our criteria include:

  • Exceptional academic achievements
  • Completion or near-completion of Master's, MBA, PhD for Full-Time positions
  • Ongoing Bachelor's (2nd and 3rd year) or 1st year Master's for Internship positions
  • Fluent language skills in Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, or Croatian
  • Beyond academics, we value impactful extracurriculars showcasing commitment, initiative, and contribution.
  • A strong work history, whether in business (banking, consulting, retail, etc.) or other fields. We seek candidates with a track record of high impact and career progression.
How to apply?
You are required to submit an online application form including a resumé and a cover letter. You may select up to three offices of your choice in order of your preference. 

Please choose the Budapest office even if you are interested in joining to our Bucharest office or SEE region. 

You can apply for Intern (Visiting Associate) positions OR Full-time positions via the job postings on our page below.
Application Deadlines
Apply by the following dates:
  • January 31st for Full-Time and Intern positions
  • March 31st for Full-Time and Intern positions
  • August 31st for Intern positions
  • October 15th for Full-Time and Intern positions
Our Application Process

Upon applying, expect timely communication after the deadlines. If you advance, the journey involves:

  • An online case study
  • Two rounds of case interviews, each with a mix of personal, case study, and Q&A segments.

Stay assured, every candidate receives feedback on their application, tests, and interviews.

Join us on a path that defines your potential, and experience the exceptional journey of joining BCG in Hungary & Romania.

Visiting Associate Internship 

Curious about the life of a Consultant?

Embark on an 8-12 week journey through our Visiting Associate Program. Elevate your problem-solving skills in the dynamic settings of our Budapest, Bucharest, or SEE offices.

Guided by some of the sharpest minds in business, immerse yourself in the role of a Management Consultant. The experience you gain here could shape your career.

A successful internship could lead to a return as a Full-Time Associate after completing your university studies.

Internship application windows open quarterly. Align your plans with our application deadlines:
  • January 31st (recommended for summer internship)
  • March 31st
  • August 31st
  • October 15th

Fluency in Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, or Romanian is essential. Ready to take the leap?


Full-Time Consulting

Unlock Your Potential

Discover the world of Full-Time Consulting at BCG in Budapest & SEE. We extend our invitation to exceptional students and professionals across all disciplines.

To embark on this journey, present us with:

  • A compelling Resume
  • A thoughtfully crafted Cover Letter

Ready to redefine the future of consulting? Apply here. Your voyage begins now.

Energy Analyst - 1 year fix term opportunity

Join our dynamic Budapest team as an Energy Analyst and embark on an exciting one-year fixed-term opportunity, with potential for growth as an Associate. Contribute to our international Energy Practice Area projects, conducting market research, data analysis, and collaborating with industry experts. If you're passionate about energy, fluent in Hungarian and English, and ready to make an impact, apply now!


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BCG on Tour

Connect with Us

Meet us face-to-face as we journey to prominent European university cities like London, Amsterdam, Milan, and Vienna.

Select your preferred location and engage with the essence of BCG in Budapest, Southeastern Europe, and Romania.

Designed for: Students and young professionals

2023 Stops:

Women Academy

Application is open - Unleash Your Potential!

Calling all aspiring women students and young professionals! The Women Academy is your gateway to harnessing strengths, refining skills, and launching your consulting career.

Immerse yourself in THREE impactful workshops led by BCG senior leaders. Navigate mock interviews with BCG mentors to ace your interview game.
Engage with seasoned executives, gaining insights into diversity and key BCG topics.

Designed for: Women students and young professionals

Next Women Academy dates:
28 November / 5 December / 12 December, 2023

Application deadline:
19 November, 2023


Strategy Cup

Elevate Your Strategy

Experience the thrill of real-world consulting through the BCG Strategy Cup. A captivating weekend of teamwork, strategy, and innovation awaits you at our Budapest office. Collaborate with a diverse, international team to tackle business challenges under the guidance of BCG consultants.

Unlock new skills, understand the impact consultants create, and receive expert feedback on problem-solving, teamwork, and presentation abilities. If you study abroad in Europe, BCG covers your travel and accommodation.

Open to: University students across all fields

Strategy Cup unfolds annually in spring.

Applications launching at the end of 2023.

Women Event

Discover Your Future in Consulting: BCG Budapest Women's Event

Are you an ambitious woman seeking to dive into the world of consulting? Join us for an immersive experience at the "Discover Your Future in Consulting" event, hosted by BCG Budapest. Gain insights into the consultant's life, exploring opportunities and challenges.

Open to: Ambitious women, from fresh graduates to experienced professionals

Event Details:

Date: 29 September, 2023

Time: 6-10 pm CET

Location: BCG Budapest Office (1052 Budapest, Piarista köz 2)

Your journey to discovering, learning, and thriving with BCG begins now.

​​​​​​​Application deadline: 25 September, 2023

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