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Welcome to BCG in Finland

After opening our Helsinki office in 1995, we have been combining our extensive knowledge of strategy consulting with industry-specific expertise. As market leaders in the Nordics, we are pioneers in creating innovative solutions to tackle our clients' most complex challenges.

We are passionate individuals with various backgrounds collaborating across functions and expertise to unlock the best in our clients, society, and one another.

​​​​​​​At BCG in Helsinki, we take big pride in providing our employees a vibrant and dynamic workplace that fosters growth within an inclusive environment.

Explore our roles

Visiting Associate Internship

As an intern at our Helsinki office, you'll experience consulting on real projects, while working alongside supportive and experienced colleagues. 

We offer two application periods each year: spring and fall. The duration of our internships are usually two months with flexible start and end dates. 

After successfully completing your internship, you may have the opportunity to return to BCG as a full-time Associate upon completing your university studies.

Fluency in Finnish is not required.
Full-time Consulting

We recruit for our full-time consulting positions throughout the year. We accept applications from students nearing graduation and individuals with previous work experience.

Your role takes on a different shape with every project and every client, which means endless opportunities and paths you can follow.

Fluency in Finnish is not required. 

Experienced Professionals

When seeking experienced hires, we’re looking for demonstrated success, depth of knowledge, practical experience, and an ambition to do more.

Experienced hires join us midcareer for many reasons – whether seeking more impact in their work, or looking for a greater challenge.

Whatever you choose to do, we combine individualized mentorship with in-depth, innovative training and development programs. The result? An accelerated career at BCG and beyond.

Bring Your Experience to BCG.

Digital Opportunities

We are looking for exceptional talent to make an impact on this journey and are recruiting for positions from interns to senior talent throughout the year at BCG Platinion and BCG X.

At BCG Platinion and BCG X, we are building the future of business by bringing together a broad set of data, digital and technology capabilities. Together with colleagues across BCG, we combine the best-in-class consulting with digital experience.


Learn About Our Application Process

1) Online Application

We exclusively accept applications through our website. We strive to review applications promptly and will provide a response to you as soon as possible. Please ensure that your application includes the following documents:

 -Cover Letter
-University Transcripts
 -High School Diploma  (matriculation examination document)

If invited to the interview process, you will gain access to the Case Coach platform and BCG you Application. The Case Coach platfrom allows you to practise for the case interviews, while BCG You provides you relevant information about our recruitment process and BCG as a whole.
2) Online Tests

If we decide to take your application further, we'll invite you to complete an online logical test and online case assessment.

Logical test consists of 80 questions and it assesses your decision speed, logical reasoning abilities, mathematical proficiency and learning capability. The test utilizes a combination analysis to calculate a general intelligence score.

Online case assessment evaluates your quantitative skills, data interpretation abilities, calculations and business logic. Upon completion, you will be required to submit a 1-minute video providing your final recommendation.​​​​​​​
3) Rounds of Interviews

In the Visiting Associate Interview process you will go through two rounds of interviews. The first round consists of two case interviews, each lasting 45 minutes. If you are selected for the final round, you will have an additional 45-minute case interview. 

For the full-time process, there are also two rounds of interviews. In the first round, you will have two 60-minutes case interviews. If you proceed to the final round, you will have two more 60-minute case interviews along with an HR interview.​​​​​​​
4) Offer

​​​​​​​If you successfully complete the interview process, you will receive an offer to join BCG. We offer flexible starting dates throughout the year for all positions.

We truly believe that BCG offers the best platform for you to build a successful career where you will be surrounded by exceptionally talented individuals in a collaborative environment allowing you to thrive and achieve your professional goals. 


Career Paths & Application Process

Meet Our Colleagues!

Stefan Mohr
Lotta Nyberg​​​​​​​
Consultant at BCG Helsinki​​​​​​​
"Combining my passion for driving transformation in organizations with my interest in simply making things better makes BCG the perfect match for me. Alongside problem-solving and the analytical aspect of consulting, what intrigues me the most is the people I work with, both clients and colleagues. It's not only rewarding but also fun to solve clients' most complex issues with great people." ​​​​​​​
Oscar Hagfors
HR Manager at BCG Helsinki​​​​​​​
"As an HR manager, I'm privileged to get to know people throughout the organization. The best part of my job is to work with highly motivated people that push each other forward. As BCGers give their best at work, we have also made people our top priority. Helping to make our employees feel valued, we support each BCGer with an employee benefits package, which includes for instance full-pay parental leave for up for eight months. That is a benefit that I, as a new parent also greatly appreciate!
Anna Green
Elina Ibounig
Partner at BCG Helsinki​​​​​​​
"Sustainability is increasingly becoming an imperative for long-term viability of companies and an integral part of business strategy. Our Climate & Sustainability teams support companies in future-proofing their businesses and turning sustainability ambition into action. I am passionate about building sustainable competitive advantages and value creation pathways that are good for the business, planet, and society as a whole."

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Supporting the LGBTQ+ Community at BCG
Our global Pride@BCG network strives to make BCG the most fulfilling firm for LGBTQ+ community members. We provide a welcoming, LGBTQ-friendly environment to ensure that all employees have opportunities to succeed and become leaders for positive change thourghout their career.

Pride@BCG offers a great opportunities to connect with other LGBTQ+ professionals. We also organize events for students who are interested to get to know LGBTQ+ community at BCG. Everyone at BCG can also join the Pride@BCG network as an ally.
Eliminating gender bias in the workplace
Our global Women@BCG network offers best-in-class programs in career development, mentorship, and networking to help women in consulting and beyond excel personally and professionally.  In our Helsinki Office we are committed to make the workplace inclusive and fun that is gender diverse at all times.

Our local Women@BCG committee organizes internal events regurlary for Women to network with other BCGers. 
Fun & Sports Committees
Having Fun alongside Work

At BCG Helsinki, we value the time spent together with colleagues. For that purpose we have committees dedicated to organize fun activities alongside work. This is a great opportunity to get to know people from various functions and make new connections and friends.

Activities vary a lot from board games to golf and padel tournaments and you don't ever have to be an expert to take part in the activities, everyone is included!
Be the future of work
Flex arrangements to reduce weekly work hours. Design a model that meets your individual needs and career ambitions.
Opportunities to take an additional block of time off during the year.
Access to experiences to further your personal and professional development, including but not limited to, social impact, work abroad, and leaves of absence.

Greetings from our previous interns! 

Stefan Mohr
Jani Ignatius
"For me, the most important thing at work is to feel that I'm growing, learning new things and doing work that I find meaningful and that I am passionate about. BCG as an employer is checking all the boxes mentioned, and that's why I feel myself building a long-lasting career here.

During my internship in 2020, I was happy to notice that our interns are viewed as integral parts of case teams. So don't hesitate to express your ideas and contribute to solving cases; your insights are as valuable as anyone else's. There are numerous opportunities to explore at BCG, so make the most of them if you're fortunate enough to be offered an internship."
Anna Hollming
Project Leader
"I started as an intern in 2018 and have now progressed to the role of project leader. In the beginning of my career, my focus was primarily on mastering the "consultant toolkit," i.e. learning how to solve a case and optimizing the efficiency of my work. As a project leader I am continuously developing my skills in team and project leadership, as well as actively fostering client relationships.

If you consider of applying, my top recommendation for the case interview is to practice with your friends. Not only should you practice being the interviewee, but also take turns being the interviewer for your friends. By practising the role of the interviewer, I gained a better understanding of the common pitfalls people encounter during interviews. Additionally, I learned creative solutions and different ways of thinking from my friends. When it comes to the internship itself, maintaining similar curiosity and willingness to learn is crucial. A positive attitude can also take you far!"
Anna Green
Ville Poikolainen
Managing Director & Partner
"It feels like just yesterday when I embarked on my journey as an intern in 2010 at BCG. After quite a journey here, I had the honor of being appointed as Managing Director and Partner in 2022, which I feel very humbled by. Changing roles, great colleagues, and intriguing client engagements around the world have truly made time fly.

At BCG, we prioritize individuals who not only possess exceptional skills but also fearlessly bring out their personality when joining BCG, because that’s what we value. It is the authenticity and different types of people that shape our community and contribute to our unique customer experience in the end. Keep your head up, practice when it’s time, and stay true to yourself in the interview. You will do great!"
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