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Beyond Growth
The most crucial factor influencing my leadership style is how I approach hiring and developing people. We call it “grow by growing others.” This means I do not only focus on the growth of those who work with me-I offer them opportunities to learn new skills, take on new challenges, and receive constructive feedback. I treat them as partners and trust them to deliver their best work.
​​​​​​Odette Engelbrecht
Asia Pacific Consulting Talent Acquisition Senior Director

Beyond Inclusion

When I was only getting started with a leadership role, I was asked about the kind of team I aspired to build. And I remember what I said back then - a team where each individual can be their true self.  I have seen the difference it makes when my team brings their most authentic self to work and the value they bring. This has only furthered my commitment to building an inclusive workspace, which I believe should be the priority of every leader. 
Neeraj Aggarwal
Regional Chair- Asia Pacific

Sustainability Beyond

BCG is championing human rights within supply chains, shaping our clients' approach across multiple industries. The need for businesses to pioneer inclusive supply chains, with a focus on human rights, is critical. Recognizing the importance of staying ahead in this area, we aim to help our clients find strategic advantages in sustainability. 
​​​Natasha Peacock
Partner & Associate Director- Socially Transformative Businessses