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24-26 May, 2023.
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At BCG's ASPIRE Women's Workshop, you will be part of an exciting, diverse, and multinational group of more than 100 top university students, early career/young professionals and BCG consultants. Join us and start building the foundation of your future at our BCG Women's Workshop. Develop your personal and professional skills. Connect with other talented women and explore how you can grow with BCG.
Lisbon (Cascais), Portugal
24-26 May, 2023
BCG ASPIRE Women's Workshop Agenda

24–26 May, 2023

BCG ASPIRE Women's Workshop is a 3-day women's professional development event where over 90 talented women from Europe, Africa, Middle East, and South America get to meaningfully engage with each other, explore consulting and connect with BCGers from around the world. Each day will be an exciting mix of inspiring keynotes, masterclasses, case workshops, fun activities and networking. ASPIRE attendees will get the opportunity to develop their leadership and communication skills, while getting a taste of what it's like to be a consultant at BCG.

How to Apply to the ASPIRE 
Women's Workshop

Applications to our ASPIRE Women's Workshop are open to university students (undergraduate, master's, or PhD programs) and early career/young professionals who self-identify as women. We are looking for students and young professionals from all fields of study, with an outstanding academic track record, and a curious mind seeking new challenges.

Submit your application online using one of the participating countries' links below – the respective office will then review your application. Please be sure to include your resume, as well as any additional documents required by the local office/region.

When selecting your preferred office, we advise you to make your choice based on geographic ties (for example, you've studied or lived in the respective country, or speak the local language). Please apply through one link only and note the respective application requirements and deadlines of our participating countries as they might vary. Multiple applications will not be accepted.

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Success never comes from sitting still or standing alone. One of our highest priorities is supporting women in the workplace, which we aim to do through career growth and representation and by celebrating the achievements of women at our firm.


Bradley Pitter
Wies van der Ven
EMESA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Manager
Bradley Pitter
Stefano Raisoni
EMESA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Coordinator
Bradley Pitter
Melike Bilgic
EMESA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Recruiting Intern
Bradley Pitter
Cornelia Löenne
EMESA Talent Acquisition Events Manager
Bradley Pitter
Paola Fierro Miranda
EMESA Talent Acquisition Events Coordinator
Bradley Pitter
Nora McQuaid
EMESA Talent Acquisition Events Intern

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