Women in Data Science
Virtual Event
Featuring a panel of distinguished women who have made significant contributions to the field of data science. 

​​​​​​​WiDS @ BCG X Asia Pacific
​​​​​​7th June, 2023 at 12PM SGP Time (GMT +8)

​​​​​​​WiDS @ BCG X AP Virtual Conference is an independent event organized by Boston Consulting Group as part of the annual WiDS Worldwide conference by Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. 

We are excited to host this exclusive event for Asia Pacific to highlight
the transformative potential of Generative AI.

About the Event 

The Goal
We aim to inspire and educate women to join or remain in the field of data science while highlighting the technical work of amazing women and offering global support.
The Topic Generative AI is a powerful technology with the potential to revolutionize
business operations and innovation, presenting new opportunities for
aspiring and existing data scientists.
What's in it for you
This is a unique opportunity to learn from industry-leading professionals about the latest advancements in Generative AI and gain valuable insights on how this transformative technology can be leveraged to solve complex business challenges.

Our Panelists

Elizabeth Antoine
Elizabeth Antoine Senior Global Black Belt

​​​​​​​Elizabeth Antoine is a Regional Analytics Lead, Microsoft Asia. Her role is to understand customer’s business challenges and translate them to technology solutions and guide those organization through key digital disruption with a focus on emerging technologies in the areas of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Data mesh and Data fabric. In addition to her impressive track record in the tech industry, Elizabeth Antoine also brings extensive experience in various domains including finance, retail, education, healthcare, and e-commerce. Her expertise in this area includes a deep understanding of the complex regulatory environment in which these businesses operate, as well as a thorough understanding of the needs and expectations of their customers. Elizabeth Antoine is also a University of Melbourne Research Alumni (2010) in Data Science/Machine Learning and UNSW AGSM Executive MBA candidate.
Siang Hou Tang
Siang Hou Tang Head of Data Science

​​​​​​​Siang Hou is the Head of Data Science with Terrascope, a climate tech startup based in Singapore. She has diverse experience in applying data science to decision-making across domains including sustainability, pharmaceutical, travel and hospitality and banking, in Asia Pacific. In her current role, Siang Hou leverages AI and machine learning to enable enterprise decarbonisation action at scale, living her passion to blend technical expertise with human insights for true impactful change. Siang Hou holds a double degree in economics and business management, with a major in organisational behaviour.
Dr. Meri Rosich
Dr. Meri Rosich CDO, Professor of Data Strategy  & Sustainability, TechFounder, Ocean Blue Carbon
Dr. Meri Rosich (RUSIK) is a multi-award winner and global data strategist. Meri holds a PhD and an MBA from London Business School, she has worked in six countries for global tech and financial services organizations and is also a professor of Data strategy and sustainability for MBAs. During the event, she will share the key learnings in building successful high performing data teams. 
Aparna Kapoor
Aparna Kapoor Partner 
Boston Consulting Group
Aparna is a Partner (Data Science) with Boston Consulting Group in Singapore. She has 15 years of  experience in steering large-scale data-driven transformation projects in Asia Pacific. Aparna is also a co-founder of Singapore chapter of WiMLDS (Women in Machine Learning and Data Science), with a mission to support and promote women interested in the field of AI. Prior to joining BCG, she set-up and scaled advanced analytics practice at telco and tech firms in India. Aparna holds dual MBA in marketing & systems, and bachelors in computer science engineering.
Naoko Matsuda
Naoko Matsuda Founder & CEO
Naoko is a CEO and the founder of bestat Inc (https://www.bestat-data.com/). She received a Ph.D of applied network theory in 2013 at the University of Tokyo. Since  then, she  has been dedicated to research and development of software in the field of AI, especially 3D image processing. Her company recently released 3D digital content management cloud service, deploying generative AI. Prior to being a researcher, she served for innovation policy as a government official in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan.Through her career, she has been passionate to contribute to the world by technological developmentnt.
Charlene Zhao
Charlene Zhao Project Leader
Boston Consulting Group
Hong Kong
Charlene is a Lead Data Scientist at Boston Consulting Group in China, specializing in guiding organizations through data-driven transformations. With 12+ years of experience, she has a proven track record in Asia Pacific and the United States, helping businesses smoothly transition and adopt analytical solutions. Her expertise spans insurance, banking, auto, and consumer goods industries.
Before joining BCG, Charlene worked in cross-functional big data teams at Daimler Trucks Asia and Cigna International. As an internal data science consultant, she played a key role in developing and implementing innovative data-driven solutions. Her mission is to drive transformative change by leveraging advanced analytics and data science, enabling businesses to achieve sustainable growth in today's digital landscape.
Sarah Romanes
Sarah Romanes Lead Data Scientist 
Boston Consulting Group
Sarah is a Lead Data Scientist with Boston Consulting Group in Sydney. She has experience working in analytics primarily for financial institutions across Asia Pacific and Europe, across various topics such as marketing sales and pricing, personalisation, and risk analytics. Sarah holds a PhD in Statistics and a Bachelors with Honours in Science (Mathematics and Statistics) from the University of Sydney.
Juanzi Li
Juanzi Li Professor
Tsinghua University

Prof. Li is the Director of Knowledge Intelligence Research Center in Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Tsinghua University. She is a highly distinguished academician with a wealth of expertise in the field of Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web. Having obtained a Ph.D, she has numerous publications and four books to her name. She possesses a remarkable research portfolio. Her teaching responsibilities include Data Mining for undergraduate students and Knowledge Engineering for graduate students.