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Supporting the Hispanic and Latinx Community at BCG

Our Hispanic and Latinx employee resource groups offer employees the opportunity to connect around shared experiences and provide programming designed to support their career growth.

Strengthening Community

BCG’s Hispanic and Latinx employee resource groups focus on developing community, providing opportunities for career advancement, and increasing empowerment for Hispanic and Latinx employees at BCG.  

Meet BCGers

“My very favorite part of the network is the OneBCG approach and the integration of BCGers from all around BCG. One of the highlights in the COVID world was the ‘Hora Comunitaria en Espanol’ (‘Happy Hour in Spanish’). I can’t wait to do it again!”

Heidy Gil
South Finance Senior Director
Black+Latinx@BCG Member


“My favorite part about the network is the unwavering support you receive. There is always someone willing to take time out of their day to listen, across cohorts and at all levels of seniority.”

Irisselly Arroyo
North America Center for Inclusion and Equity Specialist​​​​​​​Black+Latinx@BCG Member

“The network for me is a great mechanism to foster relationships and strengthen the people component of BCG. It is a way to create connections between BCGers with similar interests and solidify the bonds of our community.”

Hector Casas Gonzalez
Black+Latinx@BCG Member

“I'm grateful to be part of the Black+Latinx Network at BCG because there’s something beautiful in having shared lived experiences that enable me to feel comfortable to be my full, authentic self and be supported each and every day.”

Amy Hernandez Turcios



“The network has been helpful in providing connection with some great mentors and friends to help me better understand how to succeed at BCG. It has also been a great way for me to ‘pay it forward’ and help mentor younger Latinx and Black BCGers as they start out on their careers.”

Troy Mullane
Managing Director and Partner 
Black+Latinx@BCG Member

Building Connections as a Latina at BCG
Amy Hernandez Turcios, a consultant in our Los Angeles office, shares her story of BCG culture and how the North American employee resource group, Black+Latinx@BCG, helped support her in her role and beyond.


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