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Explore our climate change jobs and join our growing and diverse team of hard-working climate experts, data scientists, engineers, and consultants. We are working together—with our clients—to build a sustainable and safe future.

BCG is working to make a more sustainable world.

Climate and sustainability are at the core of BCG’s identity. We believe that we must not only protect the planet, but also ensure today’s business processes create a better future for generations to come. We are deeply committed to building a net-zero future with our clients, families, and society. When client projects show the potential for significant climate and social impact, we support them to achieve their goals.

The time for climate change action is now. Having carried out over 1,000 climate and sustainability projects to date, our team brings deep expertise to their climate jobs and shape their careers to make a positive difference for clients and society. In fact, climate is one of BCG’s top strategic priorities as identified by our CEO, Christoph Schweizer.

We are already advising leading economies, major global organizations, new companies, and unicorns on climate action, and our focus on climate will only increase in the years to come.

We offer a number of careers to impact climate change.

Join BCG and collaborate with leading organizations and governments on their climate change and sustainability strategies. 

In 2021, as the exclusive consulting partner for COP26 in Glasgow, we advised the international stage on climate topics. Our influential climate ecosystem includes a global partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Science Based Target Initiative. These global partnerships provide BCGers with unique and unparalleled opportunities for careers that embrace the challenge of reducing climate change.

Our work spans a range of industries on the full breadth of climate related topics, including, Net-Zero targets, climate strategy, climate finance, sustainable supply chain and procurement, the energy transition, and many more. We are constantly looking for hard-working, motivated climate champions to grow our 300+ team of senior climate and sustainability experts. Join our team of influential decision-makers and have a tangible impact on climate change.

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New in Climate and Sustainability

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At BCG, you can make a real impact on climate change.

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Enhance your climate change career at BCG.

Our deep, trusted relationships with the world’s leading organizations at BCG mean you’ll have a platform with the world’s most influential decision-makers. Here, you’ll build a toolkit that combines your technical expertise in climate and sustainability, with the core consulting skills of strategy, implementation, operations, AI, and innovation.

You’ll engage with clients to translate strategic climate and sustainability agendas into action. Using analytics and modeling skills, strategy and business model development, and transformation capabilities, you will help accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy, advise creating a circular economy, and sustainably transform land, water, and food systems.
“Working on Climate & Sustainability at BCG has been the highlight of my career. I joined BCG hoping to make a meaningful difference in the world by contributing to cutting edge thinking. As I help our energy clients reimagine their role in a lower carbon future, I feel my purpose fulfilled every day.”
Hannah Campo Consultant, Denver
“As they say, if you do what you love, you would never work a day. Climate to me brings together many things which are very close to my heart. At its core is energy transition, which has been a topic of passion for me over the past few years. It gives me the opportunity to work with such a diverse set of people – climate scientists, thinkers, technology gurus, start ups, policy makers, corporates – to co-create a solution that’s truly bespoke and path breaking. ”
Anirban Mukherjee Managing Director and Partner, New Dehli 
“While I constantly strive to reduce my own carbon footprint at home, the biggest impact I’ve been able to have on the topic is through my work at BCG. There’s nothing quite like sitting down with CEOs to discuss how they can reduce their emissions and enable a low carbon future. If we can get large corporations to change, that’s when real progress happens.”
Michael Glotter Principal, Chicago
“We are committed to working with our clients to help deliver tangible change and real action in the fight against climate change, from calculating emissions with tools like CO2.AI to setting credible net zero targets and strategies. Climate work at BCG will only grow, and we are excited to bring on board the most passionate, creative thinkers to help us work towards a net zero future.”
Olga Galin Project Leader, London
“I think about how I shift my personal consumption patterns and how I vote to create a more sustainable and just future–particularly if we have the next decade to limit warming below 1.5 degrees and avoid significant negative environmental, economic and societal impacts.”
Simon Beck Principal, Toronto
“I try to walk the talk at home by buying local, minimizing plastics, reducing car use, and recently implementing at least one veggie meal a day. And more importantly, explaining the reasons for all of this to my three kids so they can understand how our behavior and purchasing decisions have an impact on the environment.”
Elena Corrales Knowledge Expert, Team Manager - Climate & Sustainability, Madrid
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